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50 Little Things – Week 7 (The final week!)

Week 7 is done and gone.  50 days of being thankful for the beautiful moments in life.

I learned 2 things from this challenge:

  1. If I want to remember it, I need to write it down.
  2. It is so easy to get caught up in the negative, but when you stop the notice it, beauty and serendipity is all around us.  Some days I had trouble deciding which event (big or small) to highlight.

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Friday, November 18

Girl’s night!  Yes… we saw Breaking Dawn.  Yes… I inhaled some popcorn… before the movie even started.  Overall, I liked the movie, I just wish that Bella/Kristen Stewart didn’t look like she had to poop walking down the aisle.

Saturday, November 19

Double movie weekend!  Husband and I celebrated my grandmother’s birthday by taking her out to see J. Edgar in the theatres.  It was interesting to me because while the entire movie was unknown to me, Grams remembered the events.  I definitely need to read a little more history.

Sunday, November 20

Who doesn’t love a Packers win while hanging out with the husband?

And my boyfriend, Clay Matthews

Monday, November 21

Received 2 AWESOME compliments on today.

1. The fabulous Katie told me that on the way to work she couldn’t wait to read my Monday Morning Motivation.  Yay!

2. A coworker chatted with me about H2c (which I will run in 2012!), opening with, “So you’re a runner, you run marathons…” Why yes, yes I do.  Thank you for noticing.

Tuesday, November 22

I REALLY love it when I walk up to the MAX platform right when the train shows up.  I didn’t get a seat this time, but at least I didn’t have to stand out in the rain.

Wednesday, November 23

For the first time in quite a while I ran a sub 10 minute mile.  And then I continued to run… fast.  It felt awesome.  I’m back!

Coincidentally also bringing sexy back. Especially with this face.

Thursday, November 24

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  I am so thankful that both my parents and my in-laws live so close together that we are able to spend the day with both families.  And eat two meals…

50 Little Things – Week 6

It’s Thursday which means it’s time to check in on those beautiful little serendipitous moments in life.  If you’ve missed the last few weeks of 50 Little Things, feel free to check them out here:

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Friday, November 11

Friday’s are awesome.  There is such a magical feeling.  It’s casual day at the office and everyone is so relaxed.  I love the Friday feeling.

Oh you... stop

Saturday, November 12

I had big plans for Saturday.  Nothing too exciting, just lots to do.  4:30 AM wake up to hit the road for a run, then 7.5 hours of first aid/CPR/AED training, some errands, then the night concluded at a birthday party for my 9 and 11 year old cousins.  A fun and productive day.  Love it when everything goes according to plan.

I'm now trained to save your life.

Sunday, November 13

Since we moved into our house, I’ve daydreamed about running to the gym as a warm up before the rest of my work out.  Yes, that it what I fantasize about… the places I can run to.  Moving on…

Last Sunday I finally did it.  Ran 5.5 miles to the gym, took a class, and headed back home.  My plan for the trip home was to stay close to public transit, you know, just in case I wimped out.  I made it 3.2 and then hopped on the train for 2 more stops.  I love living so close to public transit.

Monday, November 14

My office hosted a bake off.  Tons of tasty treats, a chance to hang out with my friends, and a chance to experiment with my new-found gluten free self.  As of Monday, I hadn’t consumed gluten for 1 week.  I was feeling amazing.  However, I wanted to test if it was the lack of gluten or something else.  So I partied hard with the gluten filled baked treats.  And confirmed that gluten makes me sick.  2 birds with one boozy cupcake stone. 

You're pretty, but you hurt me.

Tuesday, November 15

Ran my very first double on Tuesday!  4 miles before work and 5 after.  Not going to lie – I felt pretty hardcore.

Wednesday, November 16

I will go into more detail later about all the awesomeness I feel with gluten removed from my diet, but seriously?  I’m sleeping like a rockstar.  Never underestimate the power of deep restful sleep.

Thursday, November 17

I took my 3rd step class tonight.  And I ROCKED it.  At one point, it was coming naturally and I was keeping up with everyone.  I couldn’t stop smiling.  It was such a good feeling!  There were only a couple of times where I got completely lost.  It feels so good to make process.

Someday I will be this cool

50 Little Things – Week 5

Another week gone!  So very busy and it looks like it won’t slow down anytime soon.  So many moments that make my day better and so many to be thankful for.  If you’ve missed the last few weeks of 50 Little Things, feel free to check them out here:

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Friday, November 4

Who doesn’t love Italian food and a movie with their husband?  I’m totally keeping this weekly date night thing.

I kinda like this guy.

Saturday, November 5

Had big plans for the first long run post-MCM.  And then it was pouring.  But, because I’m hardcore (and because I was going to run with the Coach Jim group) I headed out anyway.  It was one of those perfect moments where when we left the store, the downpour stopped.  We ran through the standard Portland mist that keeps you cool.  It was awesome. (And the run wasn’t too bad either)

Sunday, November 6

Finally took a step class at the gym (as inspired by The Fitnessista). LOVED IT!  Was totally lost for about 65% of the class, but still managed to be a little sore the next day.  It’s like a workout for your body AND your mind.  Pretty soon I’m going to start rockin’ the leotard over the leggings. 

Monday, November 7

Monday night I was going to run then go back to work to get a bunch of stuff done.  Then I was going to skip my run and work late so I could get the aforementioned stuff done.  THEN I was going to have a quick dinner with coworkers from out of town and go back to work to get that damn stuff done. 

We all see where this is going.  Dinner and drinks with some awesome coworkers and no additional work done.  It was pretty awesome.

Tuesday, November 8

You know that perfect moment when you are rushing to get home before your show starts and you get into the house with just enough time?  Biggest Loser night!

Why else?

Wednesday, November 9

Walking up the front steps to the house, I noticed that the steps were covered in leaves. Crunchy, beautiful, welcome to fall leaves.  Loved it 🙂

Pretty leaves. Not my photo, or my neighborhood. But you get the point.

Thursday, November 10


Looks boring? Yes. Delicious? Yes.

50 Little Things – Week 4

Welcome to Week 3 of my 50 Little Things Challenge!

If you missed previous weeks, here are the recaps:

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I decided to do things a little different this week due to traveling.  Usually I start a draft post on Friday and jot a couple notes each day so I can remember what I want to write about.  However, this week I’ve been distracted by awesomeness and have been not blogging (oops) so I’m going to do my best to go back and remember the details of the sheer awesomeness.

Friday, October 28

This glorious Friday was the start of my vacation.  A very badly needed vacation to visit some very missed friends.  I flew into Dulles (and later would find out how “wrong” this is) and was picked up by the fabuloso Michelle.  Best part, her sneak attack while I was at the baggage claim.  Let the shenanigans begin!

Saturday, October 29

Race expo day – so much fun.  Most exciting moment?  Seeing Drew Carey walk by.  I shouldn’t have been such a weirdo, but honestly I don’t think he noticed.  I’m still thinking of all the cool, non scary fan things I could have said, but instead I giggled like a child.  Yeah, I’m from Oregon, we don’t really get celebrities.

No, I did not take this picture. See above "too busy giggling."

Sunday, October 30

Race day.  Sheer awesomeness.  Some bliss mixed with suckage.  Nothing compares to that moment when after mile 26 when I turned left to head up to the finish line and the Marine Corps Iwo Jima Memorial.  I cried.  I felt no pain.  I just felt magic. (Photos and recap to come sooooon.)

Monday, October 31

What’s the best way to see a city? (Besides, obviously, running a marathon through it)  How about waddling like a penguin through it!  Did quite a few miles on foot on my freshly marathoned legs.  My guess is it was about 4-5 miles.  So worth it.

My legs hurt.

Tuesday, November 1

Starbucks holiday cups.  This shouldn’t even require explanation.  It signals the start of the holiday season.

Wednesday, November 2

This text:

“No more leaving us, OK? The dogs have been so distraught.”

I love my little family 🙂

Thursday, November 3

Making my 100th blog post (you know, this post).

50 Little Things – Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of my 50 Little Things Challenge! If you missed Weeks 1 and 2, you can check them out *here* and *here*.  Everyday, I choose one of the “little things” in life that really made my day.  Pretty amazed on how quickly this last week has flown by.  Lots of amazing things going on 🙂

Friday, October 21

World’s most epic text message ever from my Friday night.

“Kevin made me eat peppers.  I cried.  Mike cut me off.  I danced a jig to prove I was sober.”

Saturday, October 22

A present from my mother to my doggies.  Leland was actually OK with them and was running around the backyard with the wings fluttering in the wind.  Biscuit… just looked annoyed.

Sunday, October 23

I was headed into target when I walked past a man with his baby.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t know I could hear him.  He was talking silly to his baby (maybe about 3-4 months old).  The baby just looked back at him, so in love.  It melted my heart.

(Don’t worry, I don’t have the fever.  I can just recognize cute/awesome when I see it.)

Monday, October 24

The dearest Hubs had surgery on this day to put a pin in his broken finger (damn you rugby!).  The surgery went just as the doctor planned, was super quick, and the Hubs is on the mend.  When I picked him up in recovery and looked at me all loopy on anesthetic I felt truly loved and fell in love all over again.

I just wish he would quit trying to poke me with the “pin finger.”

Tuesday, October 25

I got done with my run just as the aforementioned Mr. Hubs got out of class.  We had a riding home on MAX date.  Love it 🙂  We don’t get enough chances to just sit and be together anymore.

Look how cute 🙂

Wednesday, October 26

I won my very first blogger giveaway on Wednesday.  I won 2 super awesome headbands from Hair Flair Headbands (sparkly AND zebra print?)  Biggest thanks to Jess at Blonde Ponytail for hosting the giveaway.

Example of epic sparkly headbandness and epic running buddyness

Thursday, October 27

All checked in for my flight to DC!  Look out everyone!

You too, Washington Monument. I'm going to see the crap out of you.

50 Little Things Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of my 50 Little Things Challenge! If you missed Week 1, you can check it out *here*.  Everyday, I choose one of the “little things” in life that really made my day.  This week it has been a little tougher for 2 reasons.  First, I’m trying to find different things everyday.  Second, I’m trying to find the “little things.”  I do realize that I am so beyond blessed to have my family, my job, my home, to know where my next meal is coming from, and to live in a safe place.  My goal for this challenge is to recognize the moments that happen each day that bring a smile on my face.  I need to be better about recognizing these moments and realize that they definitely happen more often than I think they do.  Now, on to this weeks list!

Friday, October 14

For the second year in a row, I was offered free tickets to a University of Portland soccer game through the business school.  The Hubs and I had a little quality time, ate some free snacks, chatted with my former law professor, and cheered on the lady Pilots. 

Saturday, October 15

I treated myself to a mani-pedi.  You know, the free kind that happen on my couch while watching NCIS On Demand.  I have the opposite scheme on my toes.  I was also told something along the lines of “that’s trendy and you don’t really do trendy.” This is true.

Sunday, October 16

When I was 19 I spent 6 weeks in Salzburg, Austria, as part of a study abroad program.  The brewery in town? Stiegl.  The beer I found at Whole Foods?  Oh yes.  A trip down memory lane.

Monday, October 17

The sweetest feeling?  These two punks falling asleep on my lap while I’m watching TV.

(crappy cell phone pic)

Tuesday, October 18

My folks invited us over for an impromptu dinner with my favorite entrée: THIN PANCAKES!  They are basically swedish pancakes, but they are special because they are my mom’s and that’s the way it is.

Really thin pancakes

Wednesday, October 19

Did you know its possible to watch 4 straight hours of 30 Rock in syndication on weeknights?  Oh yes, it is.  Tina Fey is basically my idol.  Liz Lemon is basically the story of my life.

Thursday, October 20

These punks?  They slept through the night.  It.  Was.  Awesome.

(another crappy cell phone pic)

Your turn!  What is one of the little things that made you smile this week?

50 Little Things – Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of my 50 Little Things Challenge! Everyday, I choose one of the “little things” in life that really made my day.  So far, its been a great reminder that there is ALWAYS something good, you just have to look.

Friday, October 7

SWEATY BAND HEAVEN! (At the Portland Marathon Expo)

I promise, I only bought 3.

Saturday, October 8

Actually finishing my long run.  My longest since July 4.

Sunday, October 9

Ugg season.   I plan on living in these.

They got a little wet in the rain, but still glorious.

Monday, October 10

First hot chocolate of the season (mine wasn’t that pretty, but it was still glorious).


Tuesday, October 11

Midday chat break with the husband

Look how cute he is. He makes any day better 🙂

Wednesday, October 12

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Puffins!

Yes. Oh yes.

Thursday, October 13

Ok, this one hasn’t happened yet, but I’m so excited for it that my entire day is better.  I’m going to the ballet tonight to see Petrouchka and Carmen at Oregon Ballet Theatre!  I miss dance and I’m sad it’s not a huge part of my life anymore.  I cannot promise that I won’t go home and put on my pointe shoes for a couple minutes. 

Source Kathi Martuza and Brian Simcoe. Photo by Andy Batt.

There you have it!  Week 1 on the books! 

What “little things” are making your life better these days?

50 Little Things Kick Off

I’ve been invited to take part in an awesome challenge, starting today, October 6, and finishing on Thanksgiving.  Julie at Savvy Eats is hosting the 50 Days of the Little Things challenge.

The idea is that everyday starting today through Thanksgiving you choose one of the little things that make your life better.  You can write them on your fridge, you can write them on slips of paper and put them in a mason jar, you can post them on Facebook, or any other idea you can come up with.

For this challenge I’ll be doing a weekly post to update everyone on my “little things” for the week.

Tonight, I’ll kick it off with Little Thing # 1:

I love mail.  Especially when it doesn’t tell me I owe money or isn’t addressed to “current resident.”  Today I received an actual piece of mail from my lovely ladies living in DC, Bree and Michelle.A few things…

1. I miss these girls! We all worked together but then they both found awesome reasons to move back east and couldn’t take me with them.  I can’t wait to visit them at the end of this month when I head back east for MCM.

2. The front of the post card is a Harrier, aka the jet that the Hubs worked on in the Marines.

3. Look at my dogs.  Seriously.  They are so in love.  And don’t even get me started on Biscuit’s ears…

4. These fabulous girls even sent me their unfinished punch cards for various Portland places. Bwahahahaha, time to go eat!

Now its your turn… What is a little thing that made your day better?  Care to join the challenge with me?