50 Little Things – Week 5

Another week gone!  So very busy and it looks like it won’t slow down anytime soon.  So many moments that make my day better and so many to be thankful for.  If you’ve missed the last few weeks of 50 Little Things, feel free to check them out here:

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Friday, November 4

Who doesn’t love Italian food and a movie with their husband?  I’m totally keeping this weekly date night thing.

I kinda like this guy.

Saturday, November 5

Had big plans for the first long run post-MCM.  And then it was pouring.  But, because I’m hardcore (and because I was going to run with the Coach Jim group) I headed out anyway.  It was one of those perfect moments where when we left the store, the downpour stopped.  We ran through the standard Portland mist that keeps you cool.  It was awesome. (And the run wasn’t too bad either)

Sunday, November 6

Finally took a step class at the gym (as inspired by The Fitnessista). LOVED IT!  Was totally lost for about 65% of the class, but still managed to be a little sore the next day.  It’s like a workout for your body AND your mind.  Pretty soon I’m going to start rockin’ the leotard over the leggings. 

Monday, November 7

Monday night I was going to run then go back to work to get a bunch of stuff done.  Then I was going to skip my run and work late so I could get the aforementioned stuff done.  THEN I was going to have a quick dinner with coworkers from out of town and go back to work to get that damn stuff done. 

We all see where this is going.  Dinner and drinks with some awesome coworkers and no additional work done.  It was pretty awesome.

Tuesday, November 8

You know that perfect moment when you are rushing to get home before your show starts and you get into the house with just enough time?  Biggest Loser night!

Why else?

Wednesday, November 9

Walking up the front steps to the house, I noticed that the steps were covered in leaves. Crunchy, beautiful, welcome to fall leaves.  Loved it 🙂

Pretty leaves. Not my photo, or my neighborhood. But you get the point.

Thursday, November 10


Looks boring? Yes. Delicious? Yes.

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2 responses to “50 Little Things – Week 5”

  1. Chelsea says :

    Loved this post Laura! And the taco salad looks really yummy! Have you ever been to Cafe Rio? The best!

    • Laura says :

      Thanks Chelsea! My salad needs a little color, but I hate salsa. Oh well, more lettuce for me. I haven’t been to Cafe Rio, but I’ll need to check it out. Hope all is well!

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