50 Little Things – Week 4

Welcome to Week 3 of my 50 Little Things Challenge!

If you missed previous weeks, here are the recaps:

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I decided to do things a little different this week due to traveling.  Usually I start a draft post on Friday and jot a couple notes each day so I can remember what I want to write about.  However, this week I’ve been distracted by awesomeness and have been not blogging (oops) so I’m going to do my best to go back and remember the details of the sheer awesomeness.

Friday, October 28

This glorious Friday was the start of my vacation.  A very badly needed vacation to visit some very missed friends.  I flew into Dulles (and later would find out how “wrong” this is) and was picked up by the fabuloso Michelle.  Best part, her sneak attack while I was at the baggage claim.  Let the shenanigans begin!

Saturday, October 29

Race expo day – so much fun.  Most exciting moment?  Seeing Drew Carey walk by.  I shouldn’t have been such a weirdo, but honestly I don’t think he noticed.  I’m still thinking of all the cool, non scary fan things I could have said, but instead I giggled like a child.  Yeah, I’m from Oregon, we don’t really get celebrities.

No, I did not take this picture. See above "too busy giggling."

Sunday, October 30

Race day.  Sheer awesomeness.  Some bliss mixed with suckage.  Nothing compares to that moment when after mile 26 when I turned left to head up to the finish line and the Marine Corps Iwo Jima Memorial.  I cried.  I felt no pain.  I just felt magic. (Photos and recap to come sooooon.)

Monday, October 31

What’s the best way to see a city? (Besides, obviously, running a marathon through it)  How about waddling like a penguin through it!  Did quite a few miles on foot on my freshly marathoned legs.  My guess is it was about 4-5 miles.  So worth it.

My legs hurt.

Tuesday, November 1

Starbucks holiday cups.  This shouldn’t even require explanation.  It signals the start of the holiday season.

Wednesday, November 2

This text:

“No more leaving us, OK? The dogs have been so distraught.”

I love my little family 🙂

Thursday, November 3

Making my 100th blog post (you know, this post).

4 responses to “50 Little Things – Week 4”

  1. Chelsea says :

    Ummm you totally should move to D.C.! It’s the best city!

    • Laura says :

      I’m starting the campaign. The husband has 3 more years of school left, plus we have this silly house that I love so much. My current thing is DC > PDX. I’ll be out there for sure next year for MCM. AND I WILL SEE YOU!!!

  2. Kandi says :

    That text from your hubs sounds like something my fiance would text to me. 😉
    Glad you had a nice time in DC!! Safe travels home.

    • Laura says :

      Thanks! I had such a blast in DC. I’m trying to hold myself back from moving there right away. And the dogs… they went on a crime spree this weekend. My poor husband 😦

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