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Well… crap.

This is what I woke up to at 645 this morning.  Instead of a nice easy wake up before heading off to the running group, the husband and I cleaned up spilled water (what didn’t soak into the wood floors), swept up broken ornaments, and set up the tree… again.

Such is life 🙂  It’s still beautiful.

Operation Griswold

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  The food babies are finally going away and we’re all able to button our pants again.

In other words, IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME!

One family tradition that I love is the obsessive watching of Christmas Vacation.  Seriously, I can recite most of the lines.

Inspiration at its finest

Today was all about cleaning the casa, decorating, and getting our Christmas tree.  There was only one small crisis when our tree stand didn’t fit and the husband had to go on an emergency Ace Hardware run.  Other than, freaking Christmas cheer everywhere.  Leland hasn’t even peed on or destroyed the tree yet.

I also rocked out to Christmas music while decorating which ups the awesome points to about a million.  I was informed that I should leave the singing to Josh Groban, but I think he might appreciate a duet.

Someone doesn't appreciate my rich alto tones

Here’s how things are looking so far:


Hey hun, take my picture with this random tree...

All done!

One of my many skating ornaments

Merry Christmas. Shitter's full.

And this is only the beginning…

50 Little Things – Week 7 (The final week!)

Week 7 is done and gone.  50 days of being thankful for the beautiful moments in life.

I learned 2 things from this challenge:

  1. If I want to remember it, I need to write it down.
  2. It is so easy to get caught up in the negative, but when you stop the notice it, beauty and serendipity is all around us.  Some days I had trouble deciding which event (big or small) to highlight.

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Friday, November 18

Girl’s night!  Yes… we saw Breaking Dawn.  Yes… I inhaled some popcorn… before the movie even started.  Overall, I liked the movie, I just wish that Bella/Kristen Stewart didn’t look like she had to poop walking down the aisle.

Saturday, November 19

Double movie weekend!  Husband and I celebrated my grandmother’s birthday by taking her out to see J. Edgar in the theatres.  It was interesting to me because while the entire movie was unknown to me, Grams remembered the events.  I definitely need to read a little more history.

Sunday, November 20

Who doesn’t love a Packers win while hanging out with the husband?

And my boyfriend, Clay Matthews

Monday, November 21

Received 2 AWESOME compliments on today.

1. The fabulous Katie told me that on the way to work she couldn’t wait to read my Monday Morning Motivation.  Yay!

2. A coworker chatted with me about H2c (which I will run in 2012!), opening with, “So you’re a runner, you run marathons…” Why yes, yes I do.  Thank you for noticing.

Tuesday, November 22

I REALLY love it when I walk up to the MAX platform right when the train shows up.  I didn’t get a seat this time, but at least I didn’t have to stand out in the rain.

Wednesday, November 23

For the first time in quite a while I ran a sub 10 minute mile.  And then I continued to run… fast.  It felt awesome.  I’m back!

Coincidentally also bringing sexy back. Especially with this face.

Thursday, November 24

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  I am so thankful that both my parents and my in-laws live so close together that we are able to spend the day with both families.  And eat two meals…

Diet is not a verb.

Quick grammar lesson:

Verb: a word that expresses an action; something you DO

Noun: a person, place, or thing; something you can HAVE

Ok, why are we acting like we’re in 7th grade again?  Because we’ve been messing it all up.  We have changed the word DIET from a noun into a verb.


(It’s about to get nerdy, y’all)

The origin of the word diet is a noun meaning “way of living.” It was something you had, something that sustained you for life.  Today we use diet to mean something we do for a couple of weeks to get a few pounds off then get frustrated when the pounds come piling back on.

The only way to make a lasting change in your body and health is to make a lasting change in your habits.  Part of those habits is to change the fuel you put in your body, your diet. Your diet is not temporary.  It is your new way of living.

Your diet is not rigid.  You can have that cupcake.  You can have the glass of wine at dinner.  You can even enjoy it.  Your diet is simply more healthy choices than unhealthy ones.

Your diet is not a week of grapefruit followed by a week of cabbage soup followed by the return of 3 fast food meals a day.  That is a recipe for disaster, pain, and frustration.

Embrace a steady “way of living” and nourish your body.